We Bought a House: The Before

On today’s insallment of ‘wow, I still have a blog’ – a new house update! After 5+ months of house hunting, Grayson and I are officially the owners of a spacious (!!!!) Cape Cod-style house in North Raleigh. While this wasn’t my first home-buying rodeo, the process was no walk in the park. The inventory in our price range was incredibly low. We had offers rejected. We had loan headaches galore. BUT, we found this gem and everything worked out for the best.

A few key aspects of the property really sold us. The yard was huge, private and well-maintained with mature landscaping on all sides. The square footage was ideal – which was really what drove us to start looking for a new house in the first place. Most importantly, the kitchen was original, which meant I could make it my own – from top to bottom – without any appraisal issues or guilt.

While the house needs some cosmetic updates throughout almost every room, the bones are fabulous. Not only was the house built well (we’ve thankfully had contractors and inspectors confirm this), but the previous owners lived here for over 15 years and you can tell there was no shortage of love & care.

Below is a mix of photos from our first pre-closing tour and some that I quickly snapped before unloading the first of many U-haul truckloads. We are currently very much in the middle of our kitchen remodel (as in, I’m staring at the insulation of our open walls as we speak) so we’ll hopefully have some nice new photos to share very soon. Until then, here she is in all of her full ‘before’ bad-angle glory.


Living Room:

Dining Room:

‘Formal’ Living Room:

Main Hallway:

Guest Bathroom:


Master Bathroom:

Master Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

Upstairs (this includes a giant bonus room and 2 smaller bedrooms that I failed to capture **also not my furniture):

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