Gin + Lemonade Popsicles

Popsicles are pretty great. Gin is pretty great. Gin popsicles are amazing. Make these and stay cool (and slightly intoxicated if you eat like, 5) all summer long. Gin + Lemonade Popsicles 1 bottle of sparking lemonade (I used the version they sell at Trader Joe’s) 4 shots of Hendrick’s Gin 3 shots of St….

Summer Cocktails: Cherry Mojitos

One of the best aspects of summer (outside of tan skin and vacation time) is the amount of fresh produce in season. Cherries finally make an appearance in both grocery store aisles and farmers market stands – and they’re addicting. Beyond snacking, fresh cherries can take standard cocktails to a whole new level. Enter: the…

Fall Cocktails

What better to follow a kitchen update post than a post about favorite cocktails- am I right? If you don’t know me personally, or didn’t read my first post, I’m a pretty strong whiskey supporter. Gin makes an appearance every once in a while, margaritas will always accompany taco nights, and when I’m feeling pretty…