Backyard Chicken Adventures: The Coop

First step to raising chickens? Acquiring a coop. After months (almost a full year) of research – I was pretty set on building a coop throughout the month of March using a set of plans I had found online. Last week, a random Craigslist search changed things up a bit. A string of emails and a Uhaul truck rental later – meet my “new” chicken coop.

You can’t really tell from the photos, but this guy is big (8×10 ft) and heavy. For now, the coop is hanging out in the middle of my yard – it will eventually be moved under a nearby tree and secured into the ground a bit (hence the dirt on the bottom frame.) I’m also planning on adding some large potted flower arrangements to the surrounding area for some color. 
Phase 2 of backyard chicken living is obviously getting chickens. Last year, I found a great local breeder – Ozbert Farms – that I plan on purchasing all of my pullets from, starting with the first two later this month. By spring I should have 6-8 chickens and ducks – let’s see if I can practice self control and not go overboard. 

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